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The Blue Economy refers to all economic and sustainable activities related to oceans, seas, and coastal areas. This includes industries such as fisheries, tourism, renewable energy, and marine biotechnology. The sector is rapidly expanding, and there is a growing demand for skilled professionals who can work in these fields. Educators can help prepare students to take advantage of these job opportunities.

Join educators from all over the San Diego region to discuss a futures approach to the Blue Economy and come up with actual plans for implementing changes, new curriculum, and new ideas into our schools, Colleges and Universities that help instill a sense of environmental stewardship and promote responsible business practices. We can help guide decision-making in the Blue Economy by considering alternative scenarios, identifying emerging trends and technologies, and assessing the potential impact of different policies and strategies on ocean health, economic growth, education, and social well-being. Stakeholders in the Blue Economy can work towards creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for both people and the planet.


8:30am – 3:00pm: Conference plus snacks and Lunch

Keynote address

Presentations leading to tabletop action plans! 

What Attendees Can Expect

The Blue Economy involves a range of disciplines, including science, engineering, economics, and policy. Educators can use the Blue Economy as a way to encourage interdisciplinary learning and help students develop a holistic understanding of complex issues.  By engaging with the Blue Economy, educators can help inspire their students to think critically, collaborate, and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals include a specific goal (Goal 14) focused on the conservation and sustainable use of oceans, seas, and marine resources. By teaching students about the Blue Economy, educators can help contribute to this global agenda and support efforts to promote sustainable development.



UCSD Extension University City Center, 6256 Greeenwich Drive, SD  92122. 

It will be held in the Great Hall at UCSD Extension on Greenwich Drive off of Governor and the 805. 


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