Well-crafted internships deliver benefits directly to all parties. Host companies experience a potential employee’s skills and abilities in a ‘try before you buy’ model. This approach can de-risk an eventual hire, as the employer has an opportunity to directly assess an intern’s abilities and performance while on the job.

Students are afforded the opportunity to engage in real-world tasks, gaining exposure into the company cultures and operations, while having access to an immediate network of industry colleagues.

The workforce of today has changed. Employers need immediate, and in some cases urgent, access to a skilled workforce—prepared workers with skills directly related to the industry needs of today. Students need accelerated, accessible options to upskill or reskill, and gain living-wage opportunities. This internship aims to help bridge the current divide at that intersection.


We understand that employer’s needs vary across industries and TCI’s goal is to provide internship structures that maximize benefits to our industry partners. With that goal in mind, we offer 3 main categories of internship—any of which can be adjusted to your specific operations. Funding from the State allows us to provide paid internships—at no cost to you!

See our Internship Guidebook here, and reach Chris Ing at 858-945-6259 or cing@miracosta.edu to learn more.

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