San Diego is well known as the craft beer brewing capital of the United States with over 150 active brewhouses and more scheduled to open soon. MiraCosta’s 210-hour BrewTech Program is designed to train students to become productive brewers while gaining confidence in the brewhouse, cellar or packaging line. As one of the premiere craft beer programs in the San Diego area with an on-site brewery, this class will focus on ‘grain-to-glass’ hands-on experience. The curriculum, including recipe development, wort production, cellar practices and packaging, is designed to train students to become a turnkey brewery technician. Classroom material covers the chemistry and biology of beer production and will introduce students to brewery equipment. Industry tours around San Diego will expose students to multiple brewing applications that will serve to enhance their knowledge of craft beer production. Students will also gain workplace skills training that will further add to their employability.

Gi Bill®, Sallie Mae and WIOA funding available.

This workforce training class requires that a Student submit their Student Application, a math and reading assessment, and an interview with our staff member to assist you with questions, tuition assistance if needed, and course requirements prior to enrolling. Start by going to HERE for the application.

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