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This course is designed to train students to be able to qualify to an American Welding Society (AWS) code. The course will explore basic welding processes and procedures, safety, interpretations of blueprints/shop drawings, metallurgy, different fabrication tools, different welding qualifications, and procedure qualification. In addition, students will receive a significant amount of hands-on training in:

• OFC/OFW (oxyfuel cutting/oxyfuel welding)

• SMAW (shielded metal arc welding)

• GMAW (gas metal arc welding)

• FCAW (flux core arc welding)

• GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding)


The cost of this program has drastically been cut by support from State funds!  Ask about additional scholarship or available student aid to assist with remainder of tuition costs.  GI Bill®, Sallie Mae and WIOA funding available funding.GI Bill®, Sallie Mae and WIOA funding available.

Due to renovations, the welding programs will resume in Spring 2023.


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Due to renovations the program will resume in Spring 2023.

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