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IPC professionals are required to renew their certifications every two years. In this 24-hour course students will be updated on IPC requirements and given the opportunity to demonstrate their workmanship skill to renew their IPC certification. Demonstrate the skills and necessary training to re-certify as an electronic assembler at an advanced manufacturing company:

  • Soldering through-hole and surface mount single-lead/multi-lead components
  • Soldering multi-pin IC chips
  • Measuring and cutting wire
  • Trimming insulation, tinning wires and mounting to terminals
  • Inspecting workmanship for acceptability to industry standards
  • Familiarization with printed circuit board (PCB) cleanliness, coating and suitability for assembly requirements
  • Understanding of product assurance, rework and repair processes and methodologies


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Electronic Assembly IPC J-STD-001 Re-Certification
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Returning Fall 2023.

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