Course Description

This Accelerated EMT Program at MiraCosta College is perfect for future First Responders, Firefighters or those looking for admission into a graduate school such as MD, DO, RN, PT, OT, Dental, PA! The patient contact hours received as EMTs are perfect for these applications.

Whether you’re looking for a new or second career as a first responder or to work in a local, State or Federal Fire Department, we have the perfect accelerated programs to assist you and help with your goals! The EMT Program at MiraCosta is approved to provide this training by the Local Emergency Medical Services Authority, (LEMSA) who oversees EMT courses for the State of California. We offer small class size with Instructors who are trained to work with both traditional and non-traditional students who may have been in the workforce for some time.

Course will include an additional 24 hours of practicum (including ride alongs) that will be arranged with each student.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Emergency Medical Care

  2. The Well Being of the EMT

  3. Lifting and Moving Patients

  4. Medical/Legal and Ethical Issues

  5. Medical Terminology

  6. Anatomy and Physiology

  7. Principles of Pathophysiology

  8. Life Span Development

  9. Airway Management

  10. Respiration and Artificial Ventilation

  11. Scene Size-up

  12. Primary Assessment

  13. Vital Signs and Monitoring Devices

  14. Secondary Assessment

  15. Communication and Documentation

  16. General Pharmacology

  17. Obstetrics and Gynecologic Emergencies

  18. Environmental Emergencies

  19. Safety and Hazardous Materials



Students must complete a Basic Live Support (BLS) course prior to beginning this course. It must be an American Heart Association approved course. We will provide this training on the first day of class for students who have not completed a BLS course. There will be an additional cost of $80 for this course that includes the BLS card.  If you possess a valid, non-expired BLS card, kindly contact us at 760.795.6820 to waive the BLS fee and arrange payment for the remaining tuition fees


High School Diploma.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the professional expectations for EMTs at all times. Students are reminded that they are representatives of the EMT Program at MiraCosta College, whenever and wherever they are involved with course-related activities. Professional conduct is essential to a successful course experience and EMS career.

  • Complete application by clicking here --> Work Skills Application.
  • Upon approval of the Work Skills Application, students will receive an email outlining the next steps: which will include a discussion about your career goals.
  • After prerequisites are completed, students will be notified by email of their acceptance into the program.


Who can benefit from EMT Training at MiraCosta College:
  • Pre-professional applicants such as MD, DO, RN, OT, PA, PT, Paramedic and more who are looking to get patient care contact hours in an ideal setting as an EMT.

  • Future Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services personnel.

  • Individuals or family members looking to expand their medical knowledge.

Opportunities are currently available in the Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, First Responder, Law Enforcement, Emergency Dispatch, and many more.

Applies Towards the Following Certificates or Course Series



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