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MiraCosta College Community Education is proud to partner with DoulaVeristy to offer a program that will enable you to become BOTH a certified Doula and a Childbirth Educator in this one Professional Certification package.  Embark on a fulfilling journey of compassion and education with our new online Doula Certificate and Pregnancy and Birth for Educators course. Whether you aspire to support families through childbirth as a doula or educate expectant parents as a childbirth educator, our comprehensive programs provide the training, tools, and certification you need to excel in these rewarding roles.

As a doula, you'll receive top-notch certification and advanced training to navigate your role seamlessly. Our program goes above and beyond, ensuring you feel confident and prepared as you enter the 'doulaverse'. With engaging content, personalized mentoring, and a commitment to excellence, DoulaVersity equips you to provide unparalleled support to your clients. This course includes Certified Antenatal & Postpartum and Childbirth Doula training.   

Additionally, our Childbirth Educator course empowers you to guide expectant parents through the transformative journey of pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. Gain the knowledge and skills to educate parents effectively, regardless of their birthing preferences or outcomes. Plus, as an independent childbirth educator, you'll enjoy flexibility in scheduling and curriculum, opening doors to extra income or a rewarding career in teaching.

Course Outline

This package includes the following programs:
  • Certified Childbirth Educator
  • Certified Labor Doula
  • Certified Antenatal and Postpartum Doula


This price includes the following:

  1. Online access to student platform for two years (both CBE 101 and CBE102 after completion of CBE 1010)
  2. Enjoy video documentaries providing a broad perspective on childbirth practices.
  3. Access to Facebook Private Student Forum so you can ask questions and share ideas
  4. Lifetime Certification


Students must be 18 years of age or older

Must have access to the internet, a computer, and a printer.

Read and Agree to: DoulaVersity Code of Ethics, Conduct and Scope of Practice

Read and Agree to: DoulaVersity Grievance Policy


Where do I start? Trisha's energy and love towards doing what she does shines inside and out. She creates a space where you are empowered, supported, and loved. I couldn't have had the unmedicated birth I did without her. Even to the days leading up to birth, she made me feel so unbreakable. Thank you Trisha, until next time.

-Sara Millecam

Trisha is nothing short of amazing. You can feel her love and compassion from a mile away. My husband and I took her Bradley Method class when I was pregnant with our first baby. The knowledge and confidence we gained was so empowering. After the second class my husband was telling all his buddies that they need to take the class, even if they weren’t planning on a natural birth. We hired Trisha as our doula for both births and will be forever grateful for everything she has done for us.

-Sami, Ian, Stevie and Riggs

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Doula and Childbirth Educator - Dual Certification
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Fee: not-for-credit $1,800.00
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Students will be required to purchase @ $30 - $50 in books during this course.  

Prior to Enrollment:

  1. Read and Agree to DoulaVersity Code of Ethics, Conduct and Scope of Practice
  2. Read and Agree to DoulaVersity Grievance Policy
  3. Contact our office to receive online link: (760)795-6820
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